"Be smart! Printwise!"


"Be smart! Printwise!"

The Value and Power of Direct Mail Solutions

Direct mail is not dead. In fact, it's the best marketing value you can get. Take a look at how direct mail solutions are a cost effective marketing strategy. 

Since the advent of e-mail people have been asking the question: Will e-mail and digital marketing kill direct mail? 

Even in 2013, a PC World staff writer wrote an article asking that very same question. 

But the answer is a definitive "NO." 

Even PCWorld couldn't help but admit that the future isn't the death of direct mail, but the marriage of digital media with physical mail delivery. 

There are dozens of direct mail solutions out there today. But one of the most effective solutions available to the contemporary marketer is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). 

What is EDDM? Glad you asked because I was about to tell you. 

​​​​What are Every Door Direct Mail Solutions? 

If you've been in the online marketing business, you'll know what targeting marketing is all about. 

Imagine a world where exactly what you like or want is advertised directly to you and not to someone who wouldn't like it. This is what targeted advertising looks like. 

In the online world, targeted advertising is really quite easy. 

People give away what they enjoy by searching for it.' 

But in the physical world, unless you put a tracker on everybody, you can't really divine what they like without asking them. 

Before the advent of internet marketing, all you could hope for as a business person was to canvas whole cities with advertising and hope to catch the people who want your product. 

The Marriage of Digital Technology and Direct Mail 

With the marriage of digital technology and direct mail solutions, we no longer have to hope your marketing seed falls on fertile ground. 

EDDM is that marriage of digital technology and direct mail solutions. 

With EDDM solutions, you can target specific mail audiences. Sort out your audience by age, income, or household size using the USPS EDDM mapping tool. 

EDDM serves local businesses best. 

Say you own a pizza parlor. You might have an extra large pizza meal special coming up. 

With EDDM, you can target large household sizes and be more likely to market to customers who would buy your extra large pizza meal. 

What are the Other Advantages of EDDM? 

Did you know that 79% of consumers will immediately act on a direct mail advert? That's a huge number compared to the 45% of consumers who act on an email immediately. 

It may seem odd that the "more convenient" email is less effective at prompting action. 

But if you think about it, the number of advertisements competing for a user's attention in email is much larger than the number of direct mail advertisements. 

A person can quickly leaf through their direct mail every day, but they will completely ignore the piles in their email inbox because it's too much to bother. 


With traditional mail canvassing systems, you couldn't select specific mail routes or geographical areas. 

With the advent of EDDM solutions, you can now target geographical areas specific to your business audience.

If you know that a specific neighborhood is more likely to need your services, you can select the carrier route that delivers to that neighborhood. 

And the ability to directly target specific demographics is a great added bonus. 


The postcard sizes allowed with EDDM solutions offers a flexible range of real estate for your graphic designs. 

You can create compelling copy that is able to capture your audience's attention and stand out from the rest. 


One of the amazing benefits of EDDM is how cheap it is. 

You can have your graphic design, printing, and mailing done for $0.55. 

When mailing a first class letter is a full $0.49, you better bet you're getting a great deal with EDDM affiliates. 


You can strengthen the effectiveness of your online campaign with direct mail solutions. 

You can send your customers to your website with colorful graphics and eye-popping detail. 

This increases exposure, prospect engagement, and response from customers. 

No Need for a Mailing List Or Permit 

EDDM solutions reduce your out of pocket costs. Because of targeting marketing, you no longer need to compose a mailing list to give to the post office. 

You just use the EDDM mapping tool, pick your routes, geographic areas and demographics and your print service takes care of the rest. 

Outside of EDDM, you have to use a mailing permit to mail in bulk. With a mailing permit, you must apply for the permit and pay a fee. 

It's basically a permission to mail in bulk and it doesn't determine how much you pay for postage. 

But with EDDM, you don't have to wait for a mailing permit and you reduce out of pocket costs by not having to pay for one. 

Choose the Right Printing EDDM Affiliate 

When you choose a printing EDDM affiliate, you can completely outsource most of the work involved with a campaign. 

Here are a few things to look for in your affiliate print service. 

Custom Printing Capabilities 

When looking for an EDDM printing service look for custom printing capabilities. 

You want a service that can print and mail every variety of advertisement, from digital to offset printing. 

Full-Service Print to Mail Packages 

Any service that will only do part of the work for you is worthless. Instead, choose full-service direct mail. They take care of you from quote to mailing. 

Daily Mailing with Quick Turnaround 

Ask your print service if they mail daily and directly through the post office. 

This will save you the work and time involved in hauling mail to the post office every day of your marketing campaign. 

Contact PrintWise Designs for Your EDDM Service

If you're looking for a way to basically send a billboard into every home it's time to go with EDDM. The post office uses printing affiliates to take care of the printing side of their EDDM solutions, While PrinWise uses a fully integrated Pitney Bowes system to streamline their EDDM services. So when you're ready to start your EDDM campaign, be sure to contact us for your customized mailing and shipping quote.

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